Number preference vs. Number selection

Vehicle number preferences are stored in your vehicle profile. 

  • When you enter your vehicle information, you can enter 3 number preferences. 
  • These are used for reference and are not automatically populated in the vehicle number field on the registration form. 
  • These are typically used to assign numbers when they have not been collected on the registration form or to resolve number conflicts. 

At the time of registration, you may be prompted to select a number from a drop-down menu. 

  • Event organizers can set up number pools for their events.
  • The list of available numbers you are seeing in the drop-down list on a registration form show the numbers that are available in the number pool the event organizer has set up. 
  • These numbers may or may not correspond to the preferences you have indicated in your vehicle profile. 

If you have a question about using a specific number, contact the event organizer by clicking the  Contact Host button listed on the right-hand side of the advertisement page for that event. 

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