Why is my credit card zip or postal code not matching?

Why does my billing address not match?

If you receive a notification that your zip or postal code is incorrect, try double-checking the information you entered to make sure there are no spelling or numerical errors in your address. If the address is correct and you still receive AVS errors, contact your credit card issuer to make sure the information on file is updated and correct. 

What is an AVS number on a credit card?

AVS, or Address Verification System, is a process that checks whether the billing address you put in matches the address the bank has on file for your card. If the addresses match, then the payment should clear; if the system detects a mismatch, then you’ll receive a notice for a ‘zip or postal code is incorrect error.’

How We Process Payments

  1. We send a charge request to your bank for approval
  2. Your bank may both approve the transaction and tell us something didn't match -- in this case, they specified that only the security code matched, but not the zip/postal code. 
  3. To protect you against fraud, if either the zip/postal code or security code don't match, we reject the transaction
  4. For some banks, this can leave a temporary pending (but unsettled) charge on your account. It will fall off your card shortly, usually within 24-48 hours.

DEBIT CARD WARNING: Each decline may tie up funds for 24-48 hours.  You should contact the bank before trying the methods mentioned below.

How to Fix an AVS Mismatch Error

Method 1

The most common cause of this problem is an old zip code assigned to the card itself. Even though you have updated your address with the bank, they may not sync your new address to the credit/debit card. Try the old/outdated postal code(s) on the payment, and it will likely go through.

Method 2

You may need to find out why your bank is telling us that the information we are submitting with your payment does not match what they have on file for you. When you call your bank, they may initially tell you "we approved that charge". You have to be more specific with call center staff and ask "Why did the AVS not match? What zip code did you receive and what do you have on file for my account?"   If the bank is able to sort the issue, try to resubmit the payment.  With any luck, it will go through.

Still not working?

Unfortunately, we do not have a way to override an AVS error.  We have a strict policy on payment method security. Please try a different credit card or reach out to the event organizer to see about making arrangements for offline payment.

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