How to transfer or revoke control of your account

Transfer Control / Grant Access

The steps below will allow you to grant access to another profile to control your account.

  1. Sign in to your MotorsportReg account
  2. Once signed in, click to transfer control
  3. Enter the email address of the person you'd like to transfer control to 
  4. The responsible party must have an MSR account or create one before access can be transferred.

Transferring control is often used for teams or families to allow one profile to manage multiple racers. 

Notes about Transferring Control:

  • Transferring control of your account will still allow you to log in and register yourself.
  • The person you transfer control to will be able to register you for events and manage your account (including changing your username & password).

Revoke Access

If at any time, you decide to no longer allow someone else to register you for events, you may unlink your account or revoke permission.

  1. Sign in to your MotorsportReg account
  2. My AccountAccount Relationships (nav link or scroll down)
  3. Revoke (You can only revoke access if your account has a unique email address.)

You must be signed in to your individual account to revoke access. If you don't have a username/password for your account contact us and we can establish or reset your login credentials. 

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