How does membership verification work?

Membership verification works by matching your name and member number on file with MSR to the database at the car club. In order to perform the match, your name on file with us must match exactly what is on file with the National organization.

Example: “Bob Smith” on will not match “Robert Smith” at SCCA.


  1. Update your name in your MSR profile to match exactly to the name on your National card
    • Middle Initial? -- include it as part of your first name
    • Jr, II or III Suffix? -- include this as part of your last name
  2. Make sure all zeros are the number zero and not the letter O, and vice versa.

Access/Update Membership #

  1. My Account  → My Profile, click on profile name → Memberships 
  2. Edit → Update member # → Save Club Membership

If you are using exactly what your membership card shows and are still unable to validate, call the National office for the club in question. They can look you up. On rare occasion, something on your membership card may not match exactly what is in the database or there can be a glitch with your record. Be sure to tell them you are trying to verify your membership on

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