What is my SCCA weekend membership number?

After the event organizer has sent your information electronically to SCCA National you will receive a certificate via email that looks like this

From the date of receipt, you have 60 days to convert your Weekend Membership into a full SCCA membership and receive a $15 discount. You can redeem up to two Weekend Memberships from the past 60 days towards a full SCCA membership which costs between $30-60 depending on the type of membership you require.

Remember, you have to remit it within 60 days to obtain the discount!

Already Past 60 Days?

If the Weekend Membership is already more than 60 days old (say, from last season) then you'll need to purchase another one or a full SCCA membership for events where membership is required. Your member number beginning with 6000 will no longer grant you access to upcoming SCCA events.

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