How SpeedWaiver works (for attendees)

The Attendee's Point of View

The below roadmap is provided to indicate what an attendee will expect to see when utilizing SpeedWaiver for an event.  The attendee may be sent a link via email ( Option 1) to the SpeedWaiver directly from the organization or they may choose to initiate the process directly from the registration form (Option 2).  Depending on which option is being used, the process is only slightly different at the beginning but the next steps are the same.

Note: A demo is also available for viewing on using Option 1

Option 1

Link via email from the organization.  When the attendee clicks on the link, an example of what they will see will look like:

The attendee would enter their first and last name followed by a phone number where they can receive a text message.  Confirm that they are of legal age and click the "send waiver links" button. 

Option 2

Phone number on the registration form. Provide the phone number in the field on the registration form.  Once indicated, the SpeedWaiver invitation will become visible.

Next steps

No matter which option is utilized above, the following steps apply for SpeedWaiver completion moving forward.

The attendee will receive a text message notification of waiver available to sign:

The attendee will review, take a photo of themselves and electronically sign the waiver. 

Once completed, SpeedWaiver sends another text to the attendee saying "you're all set" with an additional link:

The attendee will have options to save their signed waiver: Email to themselves, take a screenshot, bookmark the web URL:

Note: Once completed, SpeedWaiver will automatically send a notification to the event organizer and update the MotorsportReg registration with the completed status.

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