Am I waitlisted?

If the event shows as full, that means the organizer has set a cap on the event and they've met those limits. 

If the organizer is offering a waitlist, you will see the option to complete your registration and have it put on the waitlist. Once registered, your event listing will show an orange 'Wait List New' status flag on your  Dashboard. The event organizer will contact you if you have been admitted to the event. You can also check your MSR Dashboard as your status will change to 'New' or 'Confirmed' once

Each organization manages their waitlist differently, so for any specific questions regarding how large the waitlist is, or the likelihood of being confirmed for the event, you'll want to shoot the organizer an email. You can reach them by clicking the 'Contact Host' button from the event registration pages, or if you're already registered by going to your  Dashboard >> then selecting the 'Event Dashboard' >> 'Ask Registrar a Question'

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