How do I opt-in to receive text messages?

If an organization uses text messaging, you will receive a prompt when joining their organization to be sent text messages about the events and other updates.  Add your mobile number and click "yes" to be automatically added.

However, if you once opted out of receiving text messages from an organization and then decide that you want to opt-in, you can do so via My Account.

  1. Login to your MotorsportReg account
  2. My Account → choose the profile you wish to opt-in, click on the name and picture
  3. Organizations→ Find the organization that you want to receive messages from
  4. Edit → Yes, send me event and other updates
  5. Save club membership

Example in My Account:

No longer wish to receive text messages? You can opt-out by

  1. Login to your MotorsportReg account
  2. My Account → Under 'My Profiles' click into the profile you wish to opt-out 
  3. Organizations → Under Club Memberships find the organization that you no longer want to receive messages from
  4. Edit → Select No, I do not want to receive text message updates
  5. Save.
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